ASA Technologies - Industrial Sensors & Weighing Solution

Registration Mark Sensors

High speed registration sensors are optimized for the detection of printed registration marks on packaging material as they pass through the sensor's light beam.


Control Energy Usage via colour process control

Monitors the color of baked items such as bread, cookies, roasted coffee beans, potato chips, tortillas etc.


Opaque Objects

One of the most powerful through beam sensors available, the Tiny Eye can span a range of 25+ feet.


High Speed Paper Converter. These sensors can be easily interfaced to HMIs or PLCs using MODBUS ASCII or RTU communication protocol.

Grinding Wheels Inspected for Defects

The grinding wheel used in various applications has grooves of different shapes and sizes. Over time, its shape deteriorates and must be continuously monitored. In particular, it is important to detect wear grooves (ditches) or deep scratches. With Optimet Collinear sensor we present accurate measurement results of various properties of grinding wheel grooves, such as depth, angles, and eccentricity, and also identify inner-groove scratches.

3D Tire Measurement

Fast and accurate 3D and profile measurements of tyres are used for different purposes, including ware tear inspection, general inspection, surface roughness, tyre alignment and more. Such measurements need to overcome different conditions and constraints such as dark to bright surface colors, long stand-off between the sensor and the measured surface, automatic sensor adjustment to surface reflection and surface morphology, including steep surfaces, holes and grooves, while using an eye safe laser intensity.